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"I have been in the jerky business since 1977 and through the years I have come up with the finest recipes and meats to bring you the best quality jerky that possible from soft and tender BRISKET to the best traditional chew"


In 1977 I started distributing home style beef jerky to markets and butcher shops all over, I soon realized that everyone loves great quality jerky. Little did I know that this would be my lifelong career. After growing the distribution of all natural home style beef jerky and selling as much as a 500 pounds a week I decided to make my own beef jerky.

I opened a U.S.D.A. jerky facility in 1996 where we sold more than $ 1.5 million a year all over the U.S. So 4 years ago I came to Bowie Arizona to open a road side business to bring my jerky to the travelers along interstate 10. It didn't take long for people to see that my jerky is the best they have ever had and now my repeat customers always look forward to coming back when traveling thru.

We have since moved to a NEW LOCATION at EXIT 362 at Interstate 10 where we are preparing to make our jerky on our premises which is real exciting for me.

Thank you for everyone's support in my journey!



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